Adidas Outdoor 3

Adidas AG / Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2011

When adidas relaunched its outdoor division in 2009, to establish a new product range in a highly competitive environment, a flexible architecture has been designed to communicate and stand out.

The booth is seperated in different product and technology areas, such as terrex, mountainsports, hiking & trecking, watersports, kids & adidas eyewear. It was my pleasure to get in touch with this project in 2010 and to be in charge for all 3d design adaptions in 2011.

Mutabor Design GmbH, Hamburg
Creative Direction: Heinrich Paravincini
Concept & Design: Max Toth, Holger Schardt, Maxie Pantel, Tillmann Beuscher
Graphic Design: Nils Zimmermann (2009), Martin Oberhäuser (2010) & Kai Riemland (2011) with Stefan Mückner & Sarah Gossner

Producer: Moritz Lenhart, Steffie Thomasek
Construction: Metron GmbH / Eging