Clariant Brandspace

Clariant AG, Flims & Muttenz / 2011

During the 2012 GMT, we took the opportunity to introduce the overall brand change to the global Management. A brand-space with five workshop-areas has been developed to guide through all major areas. It enables to enables the new brand identity in a multi-sensual way.

After the event the whole space was transfered into a permanent brandspace, which was used for work­shops and manage­ment training semi­nars for two years.

Mutabor Design GmbH, Hamburg

BLACK / 3d Brand spaces
Creative Direction: Heinrich Paravincini
Design Direction: Tillmann Beuscher
3D Design: Jennifer Heimann, Johanna Becker
2D Design: Sarah Goßner, Karoline Borsch, Leo Feuchtenberger
Producer intern: Stefanie Thomasek
Producer extern: Schüttenberg
Construction: Metron AG, Eging
Interactive Wall: Wirmachenbunt GbR, Hamburg

WHITE / Graphic Design
Creative Direction: Sven Ritterhof & Heinrich Paravicini
Art Direction: Steffen Granz
Graphic Design: Dominik Lahnenke, Somi Jung, Tatjana Adomat, Sebastian Kühnel
Producer intern: Thorsten Keller, Tina Paschke

SILVER / Moving images
Creative Direction: Alexander Hanowski
Animation: Myrna Kinnmann, Antje Adamovsky
Film: Sehsucht GmbH, Hamburg

Photography: Marek Vogel, Munich