Only provisionals are everlasting

Final Project to graduate from ID studies. Concept on the topic „Hybrid Systems“ / 2008

Design of a temporary prosthetic limb to support humanitarian assistance to the worldwide victims of explosive remnants of war.

This prosthetic is designed to be used very simple and being adapted intuitively by every user itself.

It´s simple intension is to be available very quick and being provided without detours. Therefore it can be a pragmatic tool to regain basic mobility and prevent people from developing psychological impairments. These impairments most of the time are caused through social isolation, which is a side effect turning up through the special needs for daily support, amputees have!

Final project to graduate from id studies at h_da
Tutors: Prof. Tino Melzer / Prof. Justus Theinert

Credits to those who helped to think & do:
Pierpaolo Cuozzo, Sebastian Becker, Claudia Guretzki, Lennard Ruehle, Anne Jung, Lukas Einsele, Sanitätshaus Klein, SAUER Product and many more.